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Why me?

"The cheap is good, but FREE is better"*

When you selects me as your ally, both win; sincerely and although it seems something 'too good to be true', I am not looking for how to get your money, I just want to share with you the treasure that I received from the hands of others, showing them my serious desires to do my tasks in the best way, in order to achieve desired results and as a humble gesture of gratitude.

This website has my full name as clean signal of integrity and a commitment with myself to help those who really need my assistance; If you're self-sufficient and knows what I know, I invites you that come with me to the rescue of those who can least, or leaves your space to another.

Why I? Because I'm on your side; so simple.

*Some Requirements apply.

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Web Architecture Definition

Is an approach to the design and planning of websites that involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. As in traditional architecture, the focus is on the user and on user requirements. This requires particular attention to web content, the business plan, usability, interaction design, information architecture and web design. It also include deciding technology stack, site map and navigation system of website. 

Definición de la Arquitectura Web

Es un enfoque para el diseño y planificación de sitios web que incluye criterios técnicos, estéticos y funcionales. Como en la arquitectura tradicional, el enfoque es sobre el usuario y sus necesidades. Esto requiere una atención especial al contenido de la web, el plan de negocio, usabilidad, diseño de interacción, diseño web y arquitectura de la información. Incluye también, decidir la tecnología del apilado, sistema de mapa y navegación del sitio Web.

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