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"When it comes to State-of-the-Art Web Architecture, Microsoft® and Google® qualify and refer to us as the best. The photo above says more than a million words."- BRuno Romero


Many small business owners and independent yet do not have a website because they think that it will be difficult or very expensive technologically for them keep it or that it will not help them at all. Do you feel identified? If it is so, because here we will see some advantages to having SMEs and small businesses that already have a website in Internet.
Why I needs a website for my business?
1.- Because the majority of the users are already looking for you on the Internet before going to your business.
2.- Because your competition is very likely is already on the Internet. 
3.- Because a website is your business open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year... more

The Importance Of Having A Website For Any Business

"The internet is making the world smaller." No one doubts this and for this same reason, everyone should have a presence on the Web, either for reasons of work, business, family and social. In today's modern world, who is not on the Web, simply does not exist... more

Having a website is only half the job

We can assist you in your web marketing efforts to build traffic, customers and leads. Our services include on-site and off-site SEO, content creation, link building, social media, eMarketing, eCommerce, Web Solutions and tying the look of your website to your printed marketing materials.

E-Commerce Websites . Tips

There are two sides of e-commerce development. It’s either you make or you break the purpose of the site. If you were able to virtually operate 24/7 and reach borderless clients and customer, then you MAKE it! Nonetheless, if web visitors do not interact in your site and eventually stay away from the site, then you BREAK the purpose of having an e-commerce.

Many factors arise when talking about the non-conversion of e-commerce web visits into sales. Factors include the lack of target market research, poor web marketing, not so good products, and low site credibility among others. However, e-commerce owners do not immediately realize that Web Design magnanimously contributes in achieving their business goal... more



Quality-driven full service web firm that gives you full control.  

We are a flexible full service web firm that adapts to your needs. Whatever the requirement, whatever the time frame, we can help your business reach its digital goals. Whether you need our help from the first to the last step of your web project or for a specific segment, you tell us. Pace, work process, pricing, you decide.
We do Web Architecture, Design, Build, Develop, Market Research and Maintain Websites, Systems, and Apps.

Web Design vs. architecture of Web sites,  what is the difference? 

 When we require the development of a new website or update that we usually think about design Web, however, this is only a part of the Web architecture. Sometimes sites focus too on the visual aspect, without putting an emphasis on how the information presented is organized. It is important to note that performance is directly dependent on the architecture of a site or a web page, i.e. how they are structured, navigation and content, among other.  What is the architecture of web sites? The web architecture defines a task requiring technical knowledge of construction, functional and design for sites or web pages. Just as in traditional architecture, currently the focus for the design and construction of web pages is focused on the user and their requirements. The web architecture must ensure that the web site is simple, highly functional, friendly with mobile, the user quickly find what they are looking for, with a design that is a reflection of your brand, that will meet the business objective for which it was developed the site, etc.  What is web design? It refers to the creation of the visual design of a site, that should generate an effective interface with a clean, visually appealing appearance to the architecture of the site. As mentioned, the web design is one of the elements of the architecture of a web site.  Main actors in the development of a web site: Programmer It is who generates the codes and makes the site work. Often have experience in systems. Designer of web sites Is the one who creates the visual design of the web site (logo, buttons, banners, typography, etc.). Creator of content (copywriter) It is the person who creates the text that goes in the pages. Web Architect Applied business perspective to the development of the site. The discipline of business it brings to designers and programmers.  Process of Web architecture The architecture of your site has a relationship with the same structure and how the pages are connected to each other. How much easier is for visitors find your content, more time going to go inside your page and likely is to carry out some action. Complete a contact form, look up a specific product/service information, make a purchase or click on a button of social networks are all actions performed by visitors happy. We must avoid confused, lost or frustrated visitors who are more likely to quickly leave your page that follow sailing in it. Some of the necessary steps in the process of web architecture are the following: Identify the audience (s) objective Develop statements of positioning for each audience Develop workflow navigation on the Home Page and information architecture Creation of the site map Creation of wireframes for each page of the site Develop web Home Page and each inner page design Develop content Same site creation Encode, index, define the most appropriate hosting, etc.  In conclusion, the principles used to construct a building are not very different from those which arise in the process of developing a web site. The sites must be designed based on the needs of the people who will use them, in the same way that buildings must be designed in relation to the needs of its occupants. In buildings the handles of the doors are at a specific height so your hands can reach them. Web sites navigation menus should not be different... should be where people need them. The design of web sites as well as in the design of buildings, requires a firm understanding of the technologies applied. In building design knowledge are on the structural properties of materials, electricity, mechanics, plumbing, etc... web development programming and structure of databases, the Protocol TCP/IP, the HTML language and many others require knowledge of languages. Finally, work coordinated by the architect Web programmers, web designers and content creators, will achieve that people can use your web site and to meet the business purpose for which it was built.

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